You can research, plan and strategize but without well-orchestrated implementation, it just doesn’t matter. We created Momentum because we know how important – and how hard – turning strategy into practice can be. Each of our services corresponds to a critical aspect of implementation: clearly articulating the ground rules, a step by step map for rollout, and a unified organization.



What’s the shortest distance between point A and point B? What does every member of my team need to know? A Playbook is the first step in orienting your team for action.

A playbook is a complete yet completely readable telling of the strategic game plan: foundations, implications and strategic levers for driving your initiative forward. Once we’ve done the analysis, hashed out options and agreed on a solution, we keep going until we’ve created the perfect piece to communicate and socialize it. Delivered in Momentum’s signature visual storytelling style, the Momentum Playbook articulates game-changing information in compelling ways, enabling your team to make smarter decisions, faster.




Where do you start? How long should this take? How do you align internal communications with external communications? These are all questions we’ve addressed with clients in Implementation Launch Plans.

Implementation Launch Plans go one step further than a Momentum Playbook to map out action items and timelines for implementation. Through a consultative process, we customize a plan that makes sense for your business and your organization’s culture. It can be a plan to socialize and roll out a branding update internally or a roadmap to realign brand architecture. In either case, we give shape to the “now what?” with a clean, graphic plan created by marketers with hands-on experience.


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How do you get everyone on board with this plan? How do you get your organization to make decisions consistently? How do you inspire the team to do something new? What are those creative possibilities?

Organizational Alignment Sessions are customized immersive workshops led by trained experts to socialize, inspire, prioritize, empathize, and create. Regardless of agenda or purpose, the in-person, active and participatory nature of a Catalyst Workshop helps teams understand and take ownership of information, shifting from passengers to drivers in the process. We run Catalyst Workshops for small groups, planned to maximize energy and creativity.