When Brand Messaging Resonates Inside and Out

When developing a creative campaign, time and energy is overwhelmingly spent on crafting a message that resonates with a target audience. Makes sense, since a brand is paying to reach its customers. The downside is that the positioning of a product or service sometimes feels disconnected from the everyday reality of working inside an organization. It’s great to hear a story in which a brand message inspires across audiences.

As a member of the digital marketing council for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), we spent a bit of time at our recent quarterly meeting discussing their new brand campaign with the simple tagline "We Got This." It's been used cross-channel and highlights real doctors speaking directly to the audience, telling us that they've got it covered. For customers (in this case, parents), the power of the CHLA campaign rests in the sense of reassurance it provides.

While the message is successfully impactful to parents, it has also energized the CHLA team internally. "We Got This" has become a battle cry across the organization.

When a brand message resonates with its own employees, there is a visceral strength to it. Owning this tagline internally increases the emotional connection that the CHLA team has to its important mission.

 This didn’t happen passively. The marketing team did an internal brand launch and rallied the organization around the message. It is simple and powerful and awesome. It’s difficult to measure the lift when an organization’s internal and external north-stars align. But, when it happens, it is palpably felt across the organization.

It may seem like an easier lift because CHLA is already such a mission-driven organization, but I would argue that it’s harder to inspire a group that is already so committed to a mission.

What are the core values that differentiate your brand from the competition? What experience do you provide? How should your brand evolve to stay relevant? Momentum can help your organization answer these questions and make sure that your brand strategy aligns with your internal and external teams.

Edahn Small