We're an in-house group at Hypothesis that keeps the momentum going by translating consumer insights into new products, brand/creative strategy, and marketing campaigns.




Momentum isn’t only a law of physics. It’s also the energy a brand or organization feels when it’s moving in the right direction. We created Momentum because we know how important – and how hard – turning insights into practice can be. Without well-thought out implementation, it’s easy to get stuck. We build our custom solutions to be guided by the consumer voice. While Hypothesis interprets and brings the consumer voice to life, the Momentum team works with stakeholders and agency partners to activate and implement the insights. In essence, Momentum picks up where Hypothesis leaves off.


What makes Momentum by Hypothesis unique is that we are closely involved in the entire process from discovery, field work, ideation, activation, and implementation. We bring a different perspective to the process, with a greater focus on downstream business objectives and overall context. Now you have a team that can better help you move from consumer voice to actual implementation.


What We Do

We help companies explore new possibilities, build brands and take action from insight.



Visioning new opportunities for growth.

Competitive Context
Context Analysis
Innovation Mapping



Helping you keep the promise you make
to your customers and employees.

Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture


Strategic Implementation

Going beyond research implications to
build an action plan.

Launch Plan
Organizational Alignment



After years building and advising brands, I saw an opportunity. Key insights were getting lost in translation between consumer voice and business impact. I was excited that Hypothesis shared the same core value of empathetic work with an informed POV that I held. I saw an opportunity to blend business acumen with creativity and the practical experience of brand building.They interpret research and I wanted to implement it.

So, we’ve created Momentum by Hypothesis. We’re a strategy-focused group that complements the great work you know from the Hypothesis team.  Being an in-house team with Hypothesis means we have front-row seats to consumer insight, collaborating as a team to balance the art and science of the consumer.

Jessica Tornek, President of Momentum

Jessica Tornek, President of Momentum

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811 W. 7th St. Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90017

+1 (213) 533 7000

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